10 Different Uncirculated Animal Coins from 9 Different Countries and Gift Bag

Bermuda 1 Cent Wild Boar Pig Animal Wildlife Coin
Slovenia 50 Stotinov Honey Bee Insect Animal Coin
Trinidad and Tobago 1 Cent Hummingbird Animal Coin
Slovenia 20 Stotinov Barn Owl Bird Animal Coin
Nagorno 1 Dram Cheetah With Baby Cat Animal Wildlife Coin
Zambia 1 Ngwee Aardvark Animal Wildlife Coin
Cook Islands 1 Cent Lassie Collie Dog Animal Coin
Liberia 5 Cents Dragon Animal Coin
Cape Verde Escudo Tartaruga Sea Turtle Animal Coin
Tanzania 10 Senti Zebra Horse Animal Wildlife Coin

Amazing Coin Set!   Great for gift giving, educational projects or just to add to your collection! Blue Velveteen gift bag included with each set!!