Bay Leaf Brown Butter - Two Pack

Black & Bolyard Bay Leaf Brown Butter is our creative & herbal take on normal whole butter; Grass-fed butter toasted & caramelized; Seasoned with sea salt; Steeped with fresh bay leaves. Our Brown Butter does everything that whole butter, ghee or clarified butter can do, only a whole lot better; Intensely fresh & herbal flavor; Tastier than supermarket butter or ghee; Store at room temperature, no refrigeration needed. 

Unlike traditional grass-fed butter or ghee, Brown Butter is packed full of vitamin K2 & Omega-3 fatty acids that are immensely beneficial to heart & overall cardiovascular health; Rich in beta carotene. Bay Leaf Brown Butter can readily replace whole butter, ghee & clarified butter in all recipes & foods; Schmear it on toasts, melt it on veggies or sauce it on pasta, just the way you like. Black & Bolyard Brown Butter uses pure, grass-fed butter sourced from upstate NY farms; Sugar-free, non-GMO, vegetarian.