Russia Wire Money Portfolio Album

Although Russia has always straddled two continents, the early history of the Rus peoples was made in eastern cities: Novgorod, Kiev, and Moscow. It was Peter the Great who moved the country, literally and figuratively, west.
Named tsar in 1682 at age ten, he was raised in a progressive village while his 25-year-old half-sister, Sophia, ruled Russia as regent. So adept and savvy was Sophia that she had a hole cut in the back of his throne, so she could listen to royal conversations and tell the young man what to say. By 1689, Peter was ready to assume command, and after a brief power struggle, he had the ambitious Sophia confined to a monastery.
Peter’s achievements are remarkable. He established a new capital on the Baltic coast, a city that bears his name, and the sweeping reforms he implemented were inspired by his Western advisors. Under his reign, Russia experienced a cultural revolution, and grew from nation to empire, from remote backwater to powerhouse. In 1721, he took the title Emperor of All Russia.
When he died in 1725, he left an empire stretching from Archangel on the White Sea to Mazanderan on the Caspian, and from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean. As his name suggests, Peter is the greatest of the tsars.

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