Trophy Case - Variety Pack

This hot sauce trophy case is a perfect & versatile hot sauce collection for all occasions – A useful gift for your friends & family who savor wonderful & exotic flavors. Made right here in the USA. From the delightfully contrasting flavors of Purple Blaze & Strabenero to the real-deal heat of Habacado & Broja, this hot sauce gift pack carries a full spectrum of habanero hot sauce flavors.

All YVSC Hot Sauces can turn your favorite foods into a savory & delectable affair in an instant – Give your creativity a free run & find the combination that works the best for you. We’ve worked really hard to make sure that our hot sauces are free of any fats – including trans-fats & other junk that you constantly try to avoid (e.g. chemical buffers, excess carbs etc.)

Packaged in a classy, no-frills case, this assorted collection of hot sauces is all set to cook up a truly hot kick - Wait no more, just click ‘Add to Cart’ to order the hottest hot sauce collection right now