Wildlife Of Africa: Legal Tender Of Sixteen Different African Nations Coin Portfolio Album

From the camels of the Sahara to the lions of the Serengeti, Africa boasts the richest, most diverse collection of wildlife in the world.  Celebrate this incredible diversity with this set, a must for animal lovers and coin collectors alike. 

Wildlife Set of 16 Different African Nations 

Botswana          5 Thebe         Toko Bird           Sierra Leone    10 Leone        Bonga Shad Congo               25 Centimes  Goat                   Somalia            10 Shilling     Cam el  Ethiopia            1 Cent            Oxen                  Som aliland       5 Shilling      Elephants          Eritrea           10 Cents            Ostrich              So. Africa                          2 Cents             Fish Eagle     Gambia              10 Bututs           Francolin           Tanzania          10 Senti          Zebra Lesotho    2 Lisente           Bull                                W. African St.    5 Franc          Springbok Malawi                        5 Tambala     Heron                Zam bia          25 Ngwee          Crown Hornbill  Nam ibia                           5 Cents             Horse Makrel  Zim babwe         5 Cents             Rabbit 

Data:  All coins are in uncirculated condition Album open measures: 11” x 7.5” Album folded measures: 5.5” x 7.5”

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