World War Two Nepal Gurkha Bullet Coin Portfolio Album

This Nepalese 4-Paisa coin was minted from a spent brass World War II rifle bullet casing used by the famous Gurkha soldiers who fought the Japanese in the Pacific. Nepalese inscriptions are written on both sides and each coin bears a hole in its center, created by removal of the primer.   Survival over the centuries in the rugged Gurkha region of Nepal has bred an extremely tough stock of people. Since the 16th century, the valiant Gurkha warriors of Nepal have been famous for ruthless ferocity, intense loyalty and peerless skills in hand-to-hand combat. Like their predecessors, the special Gurkha commando forces of the British and Indian armies are legendary for a gruesome forte - slicing a human head off with a single knife stroke. The Gurkhas have thus earned a reputation as the best killers in the world.

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